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  i saw where u wrote to someone how to  read the chart101.. if ur feeling for ur cervix it way up there and i still havent got down to open or close yet and i tryin to be a ob/ nurse LOL but if ur seeing if it low hard meaning firm it will feel like a end of a pen.. now if ur ferti when u check ur self it will be high and very soft like one of those gel balls the very squshy ones and it would be waterly stuff on ur fingers or egg white looking stuff have sex on those days.. now there is a good way to help getting pg it kinda weird but a lot of ppl do it to help them get pg u get a therm dig one and before u get out of bed before u pee u can vag temp that right i do it i did it with my 3rd son.. why do this before u pee or any other thing because if u do ur bodytemp goes up best luck
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i dont know if my cervix is open? LOL im so new to all of this.. this is the first place where people have talked about specifics. is there anyone who can share what they ...
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