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This is a pediatric and adult Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) patient community. Discussions include symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and support.
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My mother was a Aml leukemia patient. She was doing good with her cancer. Also she was at a point cancer free. After 2 months latter it c...
My neutrophils absolute score is high 7.1x10E3/uL, Eos absolute high 0.5x10E3/uL, Ast high 64 IU/Ul, AND my Alt is high 52 IU/Ul I'm nega...
Has anyone been diagnosed with CRPS? I had surgery on June 24th 2015 on my cuboid bone in rt foot. Dr cleaned bone and took 2 bone fragm...
I've had night sweats big time, temp off and on, lost 35 pounds in 3 months and still losing, nausea, lower back pain and severe leg pain...
I'm a 15 year old, 5'9 female, weighing 120 pounds. For months now I have been experiencing extreme fatigue, especially recently. It is s...
Not sure if this is the right community, but when I googled my blood test counts, this came up. Recent blood tests show low neutrophi...
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