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I hear whispering nearly everyday.
I am 52 years old. 12 years ago, I was diagnosed as bi-polar II. In thinking back over my life, I can see that I started suffering from...
Can anyone relate to my husband's story? My husband has been on Lamotrigine for a while now for seizures. However it can be used for bi-p...
i'd like to water fast occasionally, up to 3 days, for the health benefits and weight loss
I've been around someone that's been hot and cold one minute they're nice next are extremely hateful they're very controlling to I can on...
I'm 14 y/o male and have very big and scary outbursts. I am scared that someday I am going to hit my head or hurt myself or anyone else i...
Can I join this community? How do I do that?
I am on 20mg of Abilify, but I really don't think that is the problem. I am sleeping four and five days at a time, then I will be up for ...
About two months ago, I was put on depakote and wellbutrin for bipolar disorder after having admitted myself to a local hospital. I was ...
My daughter who is 31 was diagnosed with bipolar disorder last year. She had been on Adderall for ADHD, went into a hypermanic event and ...
Is it selfish to have family take care of you when unable to get disabiliy
I can't believe a Bipolar Diagnosis has basically ruined my future... I can't get a job in any career I would enjoy; and my Bachelor's de...
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