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It’ giving me gut issues and was hoping that was going to stop soon too
Hi I am bipolar II. I was on Lamictal, but just did not seem to work anymore. So my Dr. wants me to try Lithium,and I am scared to try it...
my doctor prescribed seroquel to me a few months back he just said i had a mood disorder but want to continue checking me, i am going for...
My son is 25 and has seizure disorder. This past Thanksgiving, he had a total of 5 seizures over 24 hours necessitating a hospital visit...
Hi all! I am new and wanted some input on a concern that I have had for awhile. I wake up happy everyday ( before I take my meds) That so...
Hello Everyone, I'm very new community. My new dr. just recently told me that me that I'm bipolar. I had been on lamictal for about...
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