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So I have lived with bipolar disorder for a while. Before that I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression before that, so I’ve been deal...
I've been sent out of town for work and it's going to be a regular thing for a bit. For some reason it's making my mood very depressed bu...
I told my p-doc I was still depressed and she suggested that we lower Lamictal instead of increasing Wellbutrin (which she said I was max...
I've read and read and talked and talked and even personally experimented with my own seroquel dosing. I'm a card carrying bipolar and t...
Hey everyone, I just recently had my lithium dose raised by my psychiatrist to 1200mg a day. It's been a week and a half and I just star...
Hi Everyone, I am looking for charts and worksheets online that are free that tell me about symptoms to look. I have bipolar type 2. I ...
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