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This patient support community is for discussions relating to breast cancer, biopsy, genetics, lumpectomy, lymph node dissection, lymphedema, mammograms, and self exams. If you have been diagnosed, please visit our Breast Cancer: Stage 1 & 2 or Breast Cancer: Stage 3 & 4 Communities. If you are newly diagnosed and don't know your stage info yet, feel free to post here.
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In December, i had a T1A melanoma removed on my left arm deltoid. I’m supposed to be ‘cured’ post surgery. With that history, I’ve been o...
Hello, so I was diagnosed with Granulomatous mastitis in January 2021 and haven't seen any recent post about it since 2018. I have curren...
In Jan. I had a needle breast biopsy and a titanium chip inserted. I got an infection a couple of months later, apparently from the pool...
A couple of weeks ago I had a routine mammogram. I had a follow up 3D mammogram and ultra sound a couple of days ago. Now I need to have ...
This is my 2nd mammogram.Can someone tell me what it means to only find 10 MM ASYMMETRIC POST SUPERIOR RIGHT BREAST On one view,both the...
Implants removed 2017. In 2019 I had a normal mammo that showed dense breast tissue, which I’ve always had. Dec 2020, I had the 3D mamm...
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