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This patient support community is for discussions relating to breast cancer, biopsy, genetics, lumpectomy, lymph node dissection, lymphedema, mammograms, and self exams. If you have been diagnosed, please visit our Breast Cancer: Stage 1 & 2 or Breast Cancer: Stage 3 & 4 Communities. If you are newly diagnosed and don't know your stage info yet, feel free to post here.
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Last year a had a lump come up in my lower left breast and it was diagnosed as a simple cyst, a few months ago I noticed that it had beco...
I had a normal mammogram one year ago but this time I am being called back for a spot compression and ultrasound next Thursday. Here is w...
63 years old women diagnosed with breast cancer in Oct 2018. Pathological Stage: pT2NoMx Tumor size: 2.1 cm Sentinal nodes are negat...
Ok so I'm am 13 yr old female and I have been growing breast for a maybe a year or two now. I have been noticing a red spot on my left bo...
hi,this pass june 2019,i had dry blood come out of my left breast will i went to they hos here in Keokuk iowa and the doctor told me it w...
Mammogram/Sonogram report says: “2.6cm mildly lobular inhomogeneous hypoechoic solid avascular mass parallel oriented”. It further states...
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