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This patient support community is for discussions relating to breast cancer, biopsy, genetics, lumpectomy, lymph node dissection, lymphedema, mammograms, and self exams. If you have been diagnosed, please visit our Breast Cancer: Stage 1 & 2 or Breast Cancer: Stage 3 & 4 Communities. If you are newly diagnosed and don't know your stage info yet, feel free to post here.
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Yesterday (5/18/11) I began feeling a sensation in my right breast, at first I thought it was my shirt that was rubbing against my breast...
I'm 61. I've had lupus for 2 years and was just diagnosed with DCIS cancer and had surgery last Thursday. Will have to do radiation. Do I...
Why does my 13 year old daughter have green crust on both nipples? Is it normal or should I book an appointment with my GP? Apparently it...
I had a stereotactic breast biopsy 3 1/2 weeks ago. Small-ish mass (benign) was deep behind breast, against chest wall. Clip was left beh...
I am a 3 yr survivor of lobular breast cancer in my right breast. I now have a lump in my left. Small and seems to get smaller or bigger ...
I had a 5mm nodule punch biopsied on my left side sternum. The report said “Invasive ductal carcinoma, final Nottingham grade 2 (Tubule s...
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