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https://news.yahoo.com/nypd-officer-kills-himself-amid-020021689.html Another cop suicide.... I don't know. I have so many mixed emo...
With Abortion Restrictions On The Rise, Some Women Induce Their Own September 19, 201912:00 PM ET When Arlen found out she was pregn...
https://www.nytimes.com/2019/07/30/us/politics/elizabeth-warren-free-college-debt.html Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts has s...
https://news.yahoo.com/elizabeth-warren-suggests-she-d-132418932.html The link above leads to a story about Warren wanting to repeal a...
I've watched the video of this guy several times and couldn't help laughing every time. For one, the circumstances are ridiculous and fo...
By now, everyone is aware that the Mueller investigation is over and has had a chance to digest some of what it says, whether you've list...
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