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hey, im 16 and a student and on fall break right now. in the last two or three months i’ve been feeling kinda depressed, which affecte...
How can I focus to be able to finish college when dealing with depression? I really want to be successful and make the Dean's list but I...
I got pregnant at 12 the same time i lost virginity.mutt parents went from coke dealers to crackheads.&we my lil bro &myself was on our o...
About 3 weeks ago my stomach got queasy & with that I would get fast heart beat & sweating. I was home alone & paniced. Went to ER. Went...
Just to get all the nonsense out of the way. I do have Tardive Dyskinesia. I'm a former healthcare professional that has worked in the me...
Yes, having a pet and especially a dog can help with depression according to this article. They give us comfort, companionship and affec...
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