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I’m only 22 and I deal with depression/anxiety/depersonalization. I’m taking Wellbutrin which helps to a point. It’s just hard when every...
Hi. I'm 58, female, married to a really good man that does a lot around the home and for me. I'm semi-retired, work 3 days a week, ca...
Hi, sorry this will be long so i know for a matter of a fact that im not hallucinating when i do this, or maybe i am, not to sure. i a...
As i was speaking with my therapist... she mentioned me having OCD. At the moment i took it casually as she said it casually. But upon ...
Hello, I do not know where to begin. But one thing I know is, after my boyfriend left me, i went downhill. Absolute downhill.... i ...
My friend has had years of depression. Mood swings, sadness, loss of appetite (which is recent we think due to her grief), feeling weak,...
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