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Endometriosis Community

Hello, Couple of years I got heavy abdominal pain a week before my period. Im often nauseous and have lower backpain. I got a Pap ...
I have endometriosis and 6 months ago I had surgery to both diagnosis and remove the endo. I was told I would get better have less pain a...
A bit on my history. I got my first period at 12 years old, and since my first period, I have had unbearable pain and a heavy flow lastin...
I’ve had excision surgery 3 months ago. I’m experiencing the same pain as before the procedure. Is this normal? I’m losing hope.
Ive been having long menstruation for like 10 days or sometimes 13days. Is it also a sign of endometriosis
I'm curious how many endometriosis suffers have horrible gas (trapped) pain and if its part of it? I have all the symptoms of endo but ge...
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