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My husband (35) and I (34) have been TTC for over 1.5 years now. He had his Sperm analysis done in June 2021 and that showed that good or...
I am still having trouble with my cycles being irregular and not ovulating 6 months post partum. We are also currently TTC #2. Has anyon...
Is it normal to have high temperature on or before period? Especially part of my head as if it's burning. It's not hot flushes. It's more...
I did IVF in jan (didn't work unfortunately) and I'm still suffereing from nerve damage caused by the IM shots in the back of hip/butt ar...
I had a 5 day treatment of chlomid. I have just had my last follicular tracking scan. How long will the follicular stay that size before ...
Femara, Letrozol from CD3-7. On CD14, US revealed 1 follice on left of size 32 !!! Is this normal ? No LH surge yet. They told me to go w...
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