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Can a doctor give me a second opinion on my result . my wife an I are trying to conceive for a while but nothing so far and did the following blood test and semen analysis and i would like to get a feedback on my semen and blood test and how can i improve it for higher chances of increasing fertility. anything to worry about ?

Collection Date                           21-FEB-2023
Collection Time                           12:05  
Time Received in Laboratory      12:10
Time of Analysis                          13:51
Sexual Abstinence Duration        3 Days  
Collection Method                       Masturbation
Liquefaction                                 Specimen liquefied upon receipt in the testing  laboratory.

                                                 Result                    Reference Range - Units

Viscosity                                  NORMAL
Volume                                       2.0                         1.5 - 5.0  mL
Appearance                            NORMAL
pH                                              8.0                              > 7.2
Sperm Count                              40                           Greater than 20 X 10E6/mL
Motility                                        56                             > 50            %
Cellularity                              Smears are moderately cellular. (The cellularity is consistent with recorded counts)    
Background Material             Occasional immature cells (Spermatogonia/ spermatocytes/spermatids) and white
                                               blood cells are observed.
Sperm Abnormal %               30%           Reference range 40%
Morphology                            Variation in size of heads and/Or tails

Laboratory Manual for the Examination of Human
Semen and Sperm-Cervical Mucus Interaction, 2000.
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Hey man, I'm not a healthcare professional, but those numbers actually seem mostly within the normal ranges based on what you've posted. Your sperm count and motility look pretty solid. The 30% sperm abnormality is actually better than the reference range of 40%. However, the morphology—variation in size of heads and/or tails—could potentially be a concern.

Given that you've been trying for a while with no success, it's definitely worth having a sit-down with a fertility specialist to go through these results in detail and discuss next steps. They might recommend some lifestyle changes, medications, or further tests. Best of luck to you and your wife on this journey.
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