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This patient support community is for discussions relating to fibromyalgia and related pain management.
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hi everyone, i am REALLY hoping someone can help me with this... i have had fibro for 6 years & have seen many strange & painful sympt...
I have severe Fibromyaliga pain mostly in my back between my shoulder blades. The pain is so severe that without treatment I would need a...
Im new to this board but not to Fibromyalgia. Im a Mom of 4 children, they are 18, 15, 11 and 8 months (that isn't a typo) lol I'm 41 yr...
I’m doing a case study on the problems associated with a tight or ill-fitting bra. I’ve seen that some people with fibromyalgia will tend...
How many fibromyalgia suffers also have a thyroid disorder, gastroparesis, and also had h-pylori as a child?
It seemed to take years of suffering before anyone would come forward and give me a label. I did indeed seem to fit into all the slots o...
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