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This community is for questions and support regarding holistic care for your pets.
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My 13 yr old dog was started on Azodyl. I don’t like it and prefer natural alternative. I have copy of her last lab test. Is there a bet...
For the last 5 weeks, our little guy has been waking and whining throughout the night. His mama and daddy are tired! We took him to the...
I am reposting my question as I may have not posted correctly to the right area of this web site the first time. I will look for an answe...
I have a 9 year old cat who was mistakenly diagnosed with cat aids about 3-4 months ago. She was tested later and turned out to be non i...
My 12-1/2 year old lab-mix had a couple back to back bouts of infected anal glands a few months back. Recently, I've noticed small amoun...
My chihuahua was recently placed on Phenobarbitol. I am a Registered Nurse and have seen the S/E in human patients, however, seeing these...
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