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I just found out my GFR is 48. I'm worried and I was wondering if I can increase my GFR by any means? Thanks.
I am 30 years old male, and during a blood test my creatinine was 1.19mg/dl (eGFR 81) and my BUN 8,2mg/dl. The BUN was normal but the c...
My dad has ckd from past 2 years his creatnine fluctuate between 3-4-5 and is on several medications including diabetes. He occasionally...
Hey. First and foremost, thanks to those who make this forum possible. It’s such a valuable resource to so many and a jumping off point f...
the ultrasound detected spots on both kidneys and now I have to have a CT scan. What could this mean?
He has only one kidney right one by birth. Yesterday test was done 1.Epithelial cells/hpf=3-4 2.Blood urea=71.60 3.Serum Creatinine=2....
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