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This patient support community is for discussions relating to kidney disease and disorders, dialysis, self care, and transplants.
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25 male, Sonography shows left kidney is 10.8cm long right kidney exactly 10cm long is that smaller than normal? Blood tests show fun...
I have a had a kidney cyst since 2009. It has been growing since and is now very large, 16cm. I have been told that it is ok unless causi...
In my life, I haven't been as conscious as my body and health before until recently. I just saw my nails getting discolored similarly to ...
I have Stage3 chronic kidney disease and know the liver is working harder but because of this new diagnosis was wondering if there’s a co...
Hello, my doctor operated on my 14 days ago, removed the stent 7 days ago, but the pain in my right kidney nausea and chills keeps coming...
Thank you in advance for any light you can shed. I have been blessed with excellent health my whole life. This was reinforced by a recent...
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