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Yearly blood labs, no other symptons, alt is elevated, all other liver panels are good. What could cause this? Doctor wants me to do a u...
What causes low globulin. How can globulin be increased
My friend has Gamma GT test results as 184. Started with 90 and keeps on aggravating. She does not have a fatty liver nor any other medic...
My friend was informed at OHSU in Oregon in 2/2017 that she would need a liver transplant. After her 1 month follow-up appt with OHSU th...
I was having pains on different parts of my abdomen and also loose stool(once a day) not really diarrhea that lasted for weeks so I went ...
I have been having a lot of pain and tenderness in my lower left stomach. I am often nauseous. Twice in the last week I have suddenly s...
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