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I go to the health fair in my town every year. This year I got my tests back, today & am a bit freaked out. ALL my liver enzymes are high...
I take Pravastatin, and my liver Enzymes GGT are high, but ALT and AST are in normal range, not sure why, I have heard different answers ...
Hello, Oh well cured the HCV in 2015. Now the next battle is HCC. Fairly small tumor 1. Anyone else managing this condition? ...
Hello on 10/2018 I was diagnosed with Cirrhosis, still going to specialist checking it out Along with it I noticed a bad foot edema an...
hello everybody out there,i'm 28 female,for the past couple months i've been having a on & off not sharp pain but a sorta like pain in my...
I have metastatic nscl cancer (cervical spine and mid-chest) in remission about 6 months. Take Tagrisso. Also have several auto-immune d...
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