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It is been almost a month that my husband has been struggling with elevated liver enzymes and elevated lymphocytes. The AST level is abov...
I need help is there any treatment for above mentioned medical related problem. My brother is suffering from this and doctor are not givi...
Admit I am a health anxiety person. I am 29 had a bad bout of covid I spent in the hospital back in January got me health conscious more....
I have been having a lot of pain and tenderness in my lower left stomach. I am often nauseous. Twice in the last week I have suddenly s...
Two weeks ago I was diagnosed with HS. Very shocking but now very concerning. My Gastroenterologist indicated that this was very common. ...
Hello, I have been experiencing body itch and burning mouth for 2 years and all hepatitis/HIV/Syphillis tests are negative after 1 year. ...
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