Liver Disorders Community

During my last blood work / ultrasound, doc said it was indicative for fatty liver / liver cirrhosis. I find this odd since I've had no ...
During annual health check, I got slightly elevated values for direct bilirubin. The LFT values are BILIRUBIN TOTAL - 1.27 mg/dL 0.3-1...
I have been having a lot of pain and tenderness in my lower left stomach. I am often nauseous. Twice in the last week I have suddenly s...
dx with augmentin induced drug hepatitis 3 weeks ago. Stopped drug , had elevated liver enzymes, ALT 469 AST 205. jaundice, dark urine, p...
I am a 35 year old woman with 2 children (11 and 6). I have recently been feeling unwell and have recurring UTI’s and been on Nitrofurant...
I am concerned that something is going on with my liver. I have had mildly high calcium for about 2 years. I recently went off hydrochl...
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