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Liver resected to remove secondary cancer 15 months ago after RFA (25% removed). Liver has not regenerated - functioning at about 20% pe...
Hi Doctor, For how long is Hbig given, post transplant? Thank you in advance.
Deat Dr. Sachiano, Good day! My husband was post transplant last 2007, his latest ultrasound this month result was: - the hepatic a...
Part 2; There I am given a cream for scabies and medication for sleep. I was also given Trazodone. I was told this might help with the it...
What is your opinion regarding being post transplant and having a pet dog? Being almost 14 months post transplant, I worry about animal b...
We are post op (cancer mass removal) and surgeon noted fibrosis of the liver consistent with cirrhosis (stage 4 of 4) we are week 7 and h...
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