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Patient presented with fulminate demyelinating encephalitis later diagnosed as adult ADEM (acute demyelinating encephalitis) which is a v...
Hello everyone, my name is Dave and this is my first question on a forum like this and it is a very complex one. I will try to keep it s...
Dear all, Is anybody knows what kind of examination/check up can do for lymphatic system? What is the name for the specialist in t...
I was just told I have borderline Lyme's Disease via blood work. I'm currently in the process of trying to conceive after a miscarriage. ...
I wonder that, cause when i had acute phase of Lyme i had severe bilateral leg swelling, pitting edema, a sign of kidney or heart failure...
Can Chronic Lyme's disease cause seizures? I have so many symptoms that everyone has talked about, and waiting on the western blot to co...
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