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I went to see another neurologist, who apparently suspects I may have MS. At the time when I went my symptoms had been improving for week...
My journey started about 6 years ago while I was standing at the sink. I suddenly felt this burning sensation by my left shoulder blade....
42 yo female with facial numbness, vision blurring, numb feet and hands; Brain MRI: No swelling or acute territorial infarct (no blockag...
Before I was diagnosed, I noticed my feet going numb and hurting when I exercised. Now they are hurting other times. When I am up I don...
I’ve been getting these painful stabbing pins and needles sensation for several months. It’s always worsened by heat. Sometimes I feel a ...
I have had been diagnosed with small fiber neuropathy for 3 years. I have all the symptoms of MS and have seen 3 neurologist. Nothing is ...
Hello to everyone. Yes, after the onset of a 'space out' feeling that came from nowhere, and eye pain, dizziness, brain fog etc... and af...
This was on my MRI report: "Stable minimal nonenhancing periventricular white matter FLAIR hyperintensities in the right frontal peri...
hello. first time on this site so here goes. i was diagnosed with ms 2 years ago, but because of the amount of scaring they think i have ...
Anybody out there with a relatively low titer but lots of health issues? Mine is 17 times normal but I am beding told not to worry. Who i...
Hi - long shot I know, but has anyone heard of a "voltage gated potassium channel antibody disorder" is associated with MS. I have teste...
Is anyone on Ocrevas infusions? I had my first one on Monday. My next one is in 2 weeks. It wasn't bad!
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