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Is there a down side or risks involved in taking supplements heavy in turmeric for body inflammation? Is it an alternative to ibuprofen ...
ive had this virus for going on 4 weeks now and was wondering if there is anything i can take to help me get rid of it. also have anxiet...
So over the last 3 months i have been craving really badly the smell of exhaust, gas, kerosine, tar, etc. I have never been like this bef...
I read on another forum here that someone has used beets for their blood pressure. I've started reading about this and studies say you c...
I started taking over-the-counter Nexium (esomeprazole magnesium 20mg/capsule) a few days ago and may be taking them for at least the nex...
Eat this, don't eat that (isn't that a book?). It's confusing. Our doctor says we eat too much protein as a whole and we don't need all...
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