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My 5wks old daughter was suffering from 4mm OSTIUM SECUNDUM ASD. The consulted doctor said that it will get close automatically. I rea...
I am a 15 year old diabetic. (Type 1 Diabetes) My blood sugar tends to run on the high side all the time because of my fear of low blood ...
Hello I would like some advice... Ever since my child was born she was diagnosed with a heart murmur. Dr saw a small hole in her heart...
Hello my daughter is 1 and half month old .she has two holes in his heart asd 0.5 mm and perimembrenous vsd 4.5 mm. Can surgery repairs t...
Hi, my daughter was diagnosed with a vsd and asd during her birth but thankfully after continious checkup for 2 years, the doctors said t...
Hi, My son (10 years old) had an ecg 7 months ago in order to play soccer intensively (3 hours training per week + 2 hours play) The...
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