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I am a 15 year old diabetic. (Type 1 Diabetes) My blood sugar tends to run on the high side all the time because of my fear of low blood ...
Hi, my daughter was diagnosed with a vsd and asd during her birth but thankfully after continious checkup for 2 years, the doctors said t...
Hi, My son (10 years old) had an ecg 7 months ago in order to play soccer intensively (3 hours training per week + 2 hours play) The...
My five year old has Epilepsy and on medication (Keppra) - I attached a heart monitor watch for her for peace of mind and I have noticed ...
My girlfriend is 4 months old and she is 3.5 kg
The first time we my son was playing his first ever traveling team ball tournament. He is the only one from his town so needless to say h...
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