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My 17 year old son started having spells of getting dizzy and then passing out, when he comes to, he is out of sorts and the last one fel...
My 5wks old daughter was suffering from 4mm OSTIUM SECUNDUM ASD. The consulted doctor said that it will get close automatically. I rea...
I am a 15 year old diabetic. (Type 1 Diabetes) My blood sugar tends to run on the high side all the time because of my fear of low blood ...
Hello I would like some advice... Ever since my child was born she was diagnosed with a heart murmur. Dr saw a small hole in her heart...
Hello my daughter is 1 and half month old .she has two holes in his heart asd 0.5 mm and perimembrenous vsd 4.5 mm. Can surgery repairs t...
Hi, my daughter was diagnosed with a vsd and asd during her birth but thankfully after continious checkup for 2 years, the doctors said t...
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