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Hello Drs, I have 5 years old son, who had cough started in 1st week of July after eating Kinder joy. We given Soventus ls syrup ma...
Hi my toddler is 15months old, weighing 12.5kg, height 84 cm, his eyes roll when he is tired , they dance up and down.He has had a ct sca...
hello guys, my baby has red skin around eyes. if you have this problem, please tell me your situation.
Hi there. I am hoping someone can help me..I have a now 16 month old son who has been rolling his eyes since he was about 8 months old. H...
I’m hoping someone can help in a similar experience. My DD is 2.5years and has suddenly had very brief moments of both her eyes rolling i...
I have 19 month old who just started rolling his eyes are well and we rushed him to the ER and they did blood work and it came back norma...
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