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I am a 38 yr old caucasian female, but my bones are 65 yes old. I also have fibromyalgia. Is there a name for the reason my bones are old...
I have a question about our oldest son. He's 4.5, and in the last month, he's developed this thing with his throat. He's constantly clear...
After the birth of my son which was last year, he always seemed annoyed and unhappy. When I consult the doctor regarding this, they told ...
My daughter has been throat clearing since July 2019. She has been to her primary doc and ent. And they have tried Prevacid and Zyrtec to...
My four year old has been scratching her head (all over her scalp) for a few weeks now. At first I thought it might be lice, but I insp...
He's 8 yrs old and his sagittal suture has been tender on and off his entire life. Some periods of time he does not complain. Usually i...
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