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Pelvic organ prolapse. Pessary. Urogynecology. Terms that all women should be familiar with, terms that few women are. Pelvic organ prola...
Hi I've been recently told I have a rectocele, cystocele and uterine prolapse, uterine being the worse one, I wasn't told what stage they...
I had the pubovaginal sling done.about 2 and half months ago. I'm still leaking urine when I sneeze cough and stretch. I did have an inf...
So this is really TMI but its the strangest and most uncomfortable thing and I would do anything to make it stop. I was laying down and I...
Had microsurgery to repair bowel prolapse. Very successful for about 8 months now worse than ever. Anyone else in this position and did t...
I know for a fact I definitely have a prolapsed bladder with out getting into too much details the pictures on line are me 100%, so I mad...
I am having Di Vinci surgery in 2 weeks. How long does the actual surgery take?
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