Please_Help950's Gaming Group Group

This is a group for anyone of any age, to get together to create/play games. If you would like, this is also a place in where you can chat about any kinds of games. Ex. Video Games, Board Games, Card games, etc. A great place to help ease your mind of your pain and have fun!!!!! :)
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I hope you will enjoy this group! :) Anyone may talk about any kinds of games here, as well as create and play games with other members. ...
I'm going to tell you a 'fact' about me. You then decide if it is the truth, or whether it's untrue. The first person who guesses right, ...
I have hold of something in my hand. See who can guess what it is!!??
I found this article on Yahoo and I thought it was very interesting. It has 8 pictures that are very "Cross-Eying", but give off a cool e...
I like the Fall ... Which do you like better rain or snow? (ok now it's your turn to answer and then ask another question)
For the first game on here, You would try to guess what animal I'm thinking of. Whoever guesses it right would then post hints to the nex...
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