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Discussion of symptoms for thyroid disorders and relationship to fibromyalgia.
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So ill start from the beginning and hope people can help me....sorry if its long...but i would appreciate anyone's help that they can off...
Name: XXXX Age: 22 Sex: Female Family history of Thyroid Diseases present. Initially doubt about thyroid functioning came up because ...
I have been taking thyroid medicine for the past 9 years. The doctor started me on levothyroxin and had to keep changing the dosage. To m...
has anyone else had their doctor have to consistently up their dosage of synthroid about every 3 months. for about the last 9 months I go...
I have ben taking thyroxine for 9 years and various HRT for 8 on my GP's advice. Hypothyroid symptoms returned noticeably a few weeks ago...
2 years ago my doctor had a scan of my thyroid done and there were nodules. I thought they would have to remove these but she acks like i...
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