Unknown Illnesses Group

A place where people can share their symptoms and struggles with the unknown.
I was infected with chlamydia by a prostitute in Phnom Penh in 2013. I was cured from the Chlamydia but afterwards I had symptoms that di...
I'm posting on the behalf of a friend of mine. I'll be as detailed as I can but it's largely second hand information. She's around 5'...
I fear for my sanity, because... Well I dunno how to say what I wanna say without becoming judged. I guess I feel under a lot of st...
for the past 4 months ive had chest pain. it started in june with sudden on set of pvcs. so i decided to go cardiac route first. i had al...
I Can Just Be Sitting at my dest then suddenly i have a tingeling sensation not extreme below my sternum and through my chest lasting abo...
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