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Hi there, I found out I was pregnant. We have had a family trip to Cabo San Lucas planned for almost a year. My parents are freaking out ...
Tonight I had a coworker of mine get me some iced coffee cause I needed a bit of an energy boost. As I was drinking the coffee, I noticed...
Hi, I traveled to cancun recently without my baby. On my return I realized I could have the zika virus because I was bit bu several mosqu...
I went to the Dominican Republic from June 12-15 to Punta Cana. Pretty much stayed in the resort the whole time-beach/pool during the...
My father in law planned a trip to Disney before I found out I was pregnant. Now because of all the zika warnings in FL I am terrified of...
I live in the Miami, FL area where it is prone to MANY non-US tourists. I am currently staying in the North and would like to go back hom...
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