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Animal get's in the house

So the other day at 5:30 AM I here my cat fighting out side my door with another animal and I get worried my daughters door is open and the animal might be rabid. So I go out into the hallway and close her door, my cat puts herself between me and the animal. My husband and I quickly grab folding chairs and a box then go out to get the animal.  We do not see any thing other then our cat and there are no marks on her. Later that day when I go into the pink bedroom I see something small and black that is barely moving in the corner of the room. My husband and I got the box and some cat food then went up to get it out.  After the cat was out of the house we looked around the house for how it got in and now no other animal's should be able to get in. The cat did not have rabies it belongs to my neighbor.
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