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I need help

He hit me
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Get out of there. If possible, go to a friend or something where you feel safe. There are also help lines where you can talk to people about this kind of thing, as well as places where you can go to be self if needed. Try to google on it in your area.
Protect yourself, be safe, and know that you're not alone <3 And no matter what, it will never be your fault. You didn't "let" this happen, but you will be safer if you don't stick around.
Leave now.
even tho he will beg and promise he wont do it again he will and will keep doing it leave and never go back
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Time to go, sweetheart.  That is a deal-breaker.  Find shelter and go.
be strong. Leave. x
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Its easier said than done, but you have to get out.  Once that boundary has been crossed, there's no going back.  Domestic violence is a terrible situation and you don't want to live your life that way.  Find a way to leave and don't look back.  There are many organizations that help and support battered woman and safe places to go when you are desperate such as police and fire stations.  Take care.
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Domestic violence is like addiction It is progressive. Unless this man falls on his sword, and goes for Domestic Violence Counselling, there's no reason for you to give it a thought to stay. It could be that this is what he learned growing up, and wants to get help. I believe that with the right help, and with the right attitude, people can be rehabilitated, but i'm not talking about crocodile tears, or someone trying to justify their actions. Also, if you hit him first, then many would say that it was self defense. There are many violent women out there too (who have also learned violence). In which case both parties would have to be invested in getting help.
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I wish i had left the first time this happened to me. 8 years later i finally found the strength and my life is so much better for it. Leave the first time... because it wont be the only time. Good luck sweetheart xxx
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No matter what he says and how sweet he is the next day, he will hit you again, because you made it acceptable. It is never acceptable, you need to get you things and get out now.  The ONLY way to ever give hinn another chance is couples counceling, which he will refuse!
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