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This community is for questions and support relating to all forms of abuse. Discussions include identifying abuse, recovery, and leaving an abusive relationship.

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I just broke up with a man I was seeing for the last three months. He has two daughters, 15 & 11. The 15 year old began lying about me to...
I just wanna know, how would I approach confronting my parents about my traumas if it has been years after it all happened?
So when I was a little girl about 3 going on to four I believe, I used to live with my mom and older brother, my mom's colleague at work ...
I just wanted to ask a general question to those who have been abused. In what way has that abuse affected your life after? Did you mak...
I lost my virginity to my half uncle. I loved him and knew what was happening. We were involved romantically and sexually for many years ...
First some background. My parents were never perfect. My mom and dad both drank to much and fought because of it when I was little. Then ...
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