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I have an acquaintance whose mother is at an assisted living facility. The head of the facility is a nurse who works for the assisted li...
when I was around the age 5/6 I was sleeping I didn't know till I woke up that my stepdad's nephew (mid 20s) was staying over (the reason...
when i was a child one my girl family member used make me touch her panties by putting me under her skirt. i didnt it was wrong at tha...
My husband (now deceased) used to hit me on my head, very hard. He slammed my head into the ground a few times. I’ve not been performing ...
I just broke up with a man I was seeing for the last three months. He has two daughters, 15 & 11. The 15 year old began lying about me to...
I'm (16F) living with my mom, step dad, and brother (15m), and need to decide if I should take action against my mothers emotional abuse....
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