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What really happened to me?

On January 12, 2016 I woke up in ICU with 12 fractures to my skull. I had a hemmoragic stroke due to the bleeding in my brain. The last thing I remember was eating dinner with my husband. My husband states that he went outside to smoke a cigarette while I finished eating dinner with our two year old. He states that when he came inside I was seizing on the floor and blood was pouring out of both ears so he called 911. I don't remember any of this. The paramedics took me to the nearest hospital and from there a helicopter was called to take me to a special hospital that dealt with the traumatic brain injuries and that had neurosurgeons on staff. I spent 6 days in ICU. No one was there to visit me. No one was there to confort me. I had no memory of the fall of the day of January 12th. So every time I woke up in ICU alone I cried and asked if my family was dead? I thought I got into a bad car accident. I thought no one was there because they were killed and no one knew what was going on. The truth is that my husband just sat at home with my 2 year old and didn't tell ANYONE what happened to me. I stopped breathing two time on the helicopter ride!!!! My mom and dad live 5 minutes from my husband an I. He didn't tell a sole where I was or what happened to me. I finally saw him when I was released from the hospital. I had to to call my own family and try to explain what happened. I was completely paralysed on the right side of my face. I could barely talk. I couldn't drink anything alone or feed myself and he just left me in the room. I was hallucinating from all the meds. It was awful. 2 months later I met the paramedics who came to the house and took me to the hospital where I was medi-vac'd by the helicopter. The paramedics told me that when they arrived to my house I was seizing on the kitchen floor alone while my 2year old screamed on the floor beside me in my blood. They said he was scared to death and my husband was just chilling outside smoking a cigarette. I was seizing so bad that the paramedics had to hold me down. I can't imagine my little boy having to see his mommy like that with no one to comfort him. I've had several doctors tell me that 12 skull fractures as severe as mine could not have come from me simply falling on the linoleum floor and carpet in my house. Then my husbands strange behavior during and afterwards. I'm scared. I don't remember anything about January 12th. My question to you guys is this; do u think my husband hurt me and then pushed me to the ground? What could have happened to me that day? Why didn't he tell my family how sick and hurt I was? I was in ICU for a week!! All by myself!!!! Scared to death!!! What do u Guys think?
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I can't explain your husband's behavior,  but are the doctors calling the paramedics liars who said when they arrived at the house,  you were in the throes of a very severe seizure?  Do the doctors who told you your injuries could not have come from a seizure aware that the paramedics witnessed it?

I've had a seizure - not as severe as yours - and afterward,  you don't remember any of it at all.  

Why didn't anyone in the hospital,  after you told them you thought your whole family was dead,  offer to help you get in touch with your family?
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How have his actions been since?
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I don't know if it's possible to prove that your husband hit you or not at this point. However, there will always be doubt on your part, and possibly on your family's part. One thing for certain. There's something wrong with a man that would leave screaming beside you while convulsing. and in a pool of blood to boot. This man has no capacity to care, or does not seem to care about you or have any respect for your life, or your family. I would leave him based on what you do know. and i would be very worried about him being left on his own with the baby, should there be an emergency. This can get complicated. To the point of trying to gain sole custody or supervised visitation, based on the statements of the paramedics.

It's obvious you cannot trust this man, and as we all get older, i wouldn't wait until you are advanced in age to test whether he can be a trusted partner in your joint health care. get out now. don't walk run.

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Firstly, I am so sorry that this has happened to you. You need to go to a lawyer straight away. Do not leave your son alone with this man. Ask the paramedics if they are willing to testify in court as to how they found you and how your husband reacted. If they are willing to testify then you should press charges. You never mentioned what your parents said about all of this? Are they telling you to leave him?
Please get out now, the next time this happens you could be dead. You will never see your family or your child again. Don't let this happen.
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Is your husband an addict?
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Obviously he's addicted to cigarettes and that trumps anything else. So...who needs that ?
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Im very sorry for the trauma youve experienced.  

I would be very very leary of your husband.  I would go to your local police department and ask them to look into it.  They will be able to talk to the doctors and have them investigate the trauma to your head.  They can tell how you got the skull damage.

I would NOT leave your child alone with him.  Now for the question everyone else has been thinking......

How has your husbands behavior been in the past?  Is/was he abusive?  Menally, physically, emotionally?  Has he had a previous history of domestic violence issues?  How are things between you?  Did things change drastically when your precious baby boy arrived?(i mean out of the normal changes)

Im sorry that you are going through this.  It must be extreemly emotionally and mentally draining.  
What an ordeal! So glad you recovered. Honestly, I think your husband had something to do with your injuries. Sometimes a person is hit hard enough in the head that it causes seizures. But even if he didn't contribute to your injuries, his lack of support during your recovery tells you all you need to know. Please update us and let us know you and your child are safe.
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Well, the way he acted has no doubt in my mind that he did this to you, run with your child & don't look back until your day in court & his in prison! I'm curious too how your parents weren't concerned where you were & what they said about all this , he is most likely mentally sick & next time you might not be telling this story you might be dead, RUN ,PLEASE
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I have a friend who also found herself in hospital with head injuries,   Only there was a witness....   Her, now ex husband assured her she had tripped whilst drunk, but it turns out he had a histiry if violence against women and he had actually picked her up and slammed her head into the ground.....    .trust your instincts and get away from this man as fast as you can.  
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Wow, what do your parents say? Why didn't the hospital staff offer to call your family??? I would get the **** away from that man. Heartless and no sense of compassion or caring for a baby. Run and never look back. Keep in mind the DA is probably investigating this. What was your husband like before this?
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This is not normal behavior. that a loving caring husband and father would do. I think you already know the answer to this question. What really disturbs me is that there was not a report made to the police by the paramedics or the hospital. This is a very dangerous situation for both you and your child. The fact that he never visited you wile you were in ICU and never contacted your family. is a dead giveaway GET OUT
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