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Accutane Failed, now what?

I am a 24 year old male about 5'7" 145 lbs in solid physical shape accomplished by lifting weights five times a week.  I eat well, aiming for a high protein diet low in fat incorporating vegetables whenever possible.  I also avoid milk and dairy for the most part and tried to cut down on nuts as much as possible.  I heard these are potential triggers for acne.  I tend to drink 5-6 alcoholic beverages a night on the weekends.    

I am currently on my fifth month of Claravis on the following dosage schedule: 40mg/day, 60mg/day, 60,80, 80.  Blood tests after the fourth month found higher cholesterol levels.  Around this time I saw a brief improvement in my acne but continue to get a nodule/cyst a week, basically to the point I experienced new lesions prior to Claravis.  Throughout the treatment I had higher then normal breakouts with bad scarring.  I feel that my acne did not get this bad until the age of 20 when I was prescribed differin.  Since then I have cycled through different retonoid treatments.  

With the failure of Accutane I am open to any solutions or recommendations that anyone may have including diet, hormones, allergies, etc.  I am frustrated by the fact that this is out of my control despite my relative health.  I feel that working out tends to make my acne worse.  I am curious if this is due to the albuterol inhaler I use prior to lifting for treatment of asthma.  

What are typical treatments after the failure of Accutane?  Any recommended questions I should ask my dermatologist?  What type of doctor would I go to in order to discover allergy or food related causes?  

Thank you in advance!
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I just typed this long answer and my computer had a glitch.  I don't know if you want to hear this..but I believe it is TIME that will cure your problem.  i had 2 sons that sufffered from severe acne....I tried everything with BOTH of them..some products offered some relief and reduced some of the problem...But, NOTHING cured their problem. My oldest started with it when he was about 17 and we tried everything....I was kind of poor at the time..but desperate to help him and I bought Proactive which at the time was costly for me...this gave him some relief..but not a cure.  My oldests acne lasted from about 17 to 21 (4 years).  Just about the time my oldest was clear...my youngest started at about 16...we started using stuff out of the cuboard that was there from my oldest and again...nothing was working and again Proactive seemed to be the best...but did not cure him completely...his episode lasted about 3 years.....I think it is time....I think it is genetically programmed into some people and that there isn't anything that you can do until this horrible thing runs its course.  I know that it causes real distress, depression and embarassment.  Remember it is a phase and that you will get thru it....and do the best to make yourself comfortable....keep trying the products....for relief and maybe a miracle...I wish you the best and hope it ends soon for you.
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Hi there,

Thanks for all the info. This really helps us help you!
A big red flag for me is the fact that your acne seemed to inflame all the more while you were on these prescription meds.This is more common than most are aware of, until they do the research themselves.
While Accutane and similar treatments can help control oil production, it can also severely dry the skin, making it more sensitive and prone to irritation. I was a victim of this for far too long and only when I decreased my skin treatments did I see improvement.
What is your skin type as of now? If you are dry, tight, red or flaky then your skin is asking to be nourished and hydrated. In this case the less you do the  quicker your skin will be able to balance itself.
One thing that confuses some acne sufferers (including myself) was the oil I saw on top of my skin, yet feeling as if it was tight or dry underneath. This is just your skin's way of balancing its pH and hydrating itself after being overmedicated. I had to refrain from washing my face for a week while it balanced, and I was amazed that I did not breakout once.
The best thing to do is take a good look at your skin and determine the state it is in, and try to understand what it's asking for.
Aloe Vera is amazing at healing all types of skin ailments and rapidly heals any damage or redness. Make sure that it is pure-- no chemicals-- and gently apply a layer on it overnight. I've done this for over 2 months now and have yet to see a breakout. Prior to this, I was breaking out like crazy!
It sounds like you are careful with your diet so keep up what you're doing with that.

All the best,
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I had to do 2 rounds of accutane. My second one was 80mg per day for 6 months. Im finally clear. The first round of accutane I still had acne after. Keep accutane in mind. Its the only thing that works!
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.Unfortunately lifting wights can trigger acne. Certain weight lifting activites trigger hormones to be released from the body thus trigering acne. i used to lift weights 4 times  a week, i now cut it down to twice a week.  i have to do more cardio now. :(  cardio on the other hand allows your body to get rid of the bad toxins. i never like cardio but lifting always caused me to get acne and cysts so i had to do it in moderation.

1. I stopped drinking Milk, i now drink almond milk.   Milk produces hormones that can cause a negative reaction to the skin, thus creating acne.  try to see if milk is the problem. you an also google milk and acne , you will be suprised.  try a substitute milk. there are many substiute milks  like rice, almond or coconut milk.

2.  i use aspirin masks once a week, put 3-4 aspirin in a small cup and dissolve with little water, let it turn into a paste, apply to face for about a few minutes and take it off. acne is inflamation and aspirin takes away inflamation.

3. Buy apple cider vinegar, this stuff works wonders, you can buy it in any pharmacy for a few bucks. apply every night.  This stuff really stinks so use it only before bed. Its a home acne remedy, but it can be used for many other things as well.

4. its a bit expensive, not sure if it works or not but , i bought tanda a blue light therapy. type tanda blue light therapy.

5. in the summer months  carry a dry towel and everytime he sweats he can wipe the sweat off.

this worked for me,  while i am not completely acne free, 90% of my acne is gone.
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Thats a lot of good advice, however any dermatologist would agree that real acne is not something that can be cured by diet.
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My face was popping up w/pimples 3 weeks ago, so I got fed up...I went to my local health food store and to Ulta and bought Genuine Health's Perfect Skin dietary supplements and Boscia's acne line...these really helped clear my acne.
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