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Hey guys, i have this problem of open pores on both my cheeks area only which is too visible and i have red acne scars from my pimples. Is there any way i can get rid of these pores and scars.
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Open pores can give you the appearance of premature ageing. Open pores or enlarged pores is associated with oily skin .Dry skin can cause  closed and clogged pores .Open pores can be seen due to age or genetics , hormonal imbalances etc. Any dirt and oil can get collected around the face, closing our pores making them swell. It is advised to avoid picking or squeezing pimple or acne as it may lead to further infection, deep scars and enlarged pores. Avoid scrubbing your face with harsh face wash, scrubs etc on you face since it can further enhance open pores and acne. You can try massaging your face with oils like olive and grape seed oil for 5-10 minutes which will help to shrink open pores .Protect your skin from harmful rays of sun and use sun-scream daily with SPF 30 or more. For expert opinion you are suggested to see a dermatologist. Keep me posted.
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Is a clean up of the face with minimal massage recommended for people with open pores and oily skin?
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