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Relapsed bad

I had a relapse just recently after making so much progress.  I’ve made an appointment to see a psychologist.  I lost a parent a year ago before Covid which spun me into a massive bender.  I’m 38, male, 6’2” and about 230 lbs.  this last bender really messed me up mentally.  It created all sorts of focused anxiety in the form of back pains, weird sensations all over my body.  My question is, a couple days after this bender I decided to go back on my strict carnivore diet, which I think put too much protein in my diet.  But when I practice my guided meditations, the pains or sensations go away.  Is that a pretty good indication that it’s all in my head?
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No, its not in your head!" .I had a relapse after making so much progress". I hope the psychologist you see has a sound knowledge of addiction and can assist w/you developing a relapse prevention plan you will commit too!
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