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Deathly allergic to nuts, but able to drink Sapphire Gin without any reaction.

I'm VERY allergic to nuts and always have been.  I occasionally order Sapphire Martini's at the bar not knowing that Sapphire Gin contains Almonds, but I never get a reaction.  Anyone know why?
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Hi, welcome to the forum, the common existing food allergens are walnut, cashew, Brazil nut, pistachio etc. It affects 0.5 percent of persons in the United States.

As allergic reactions are IgE mediated, blood tests will show increase in these levels secondary to a food allergy. The problem with the food allergy testing is sometimes the amount of food they challenge with may be not sufficient to elicit any allergic reactions.
When such food is consumed in large quantities can elicit allergic reaction.

It is not necessary that person allergic to one kind of nuts can be allergic to all other nuts. As for allergic reactions are concerned; the cause, severity and type of reaction is quite subjective and differs from person to person. Take care and regards.
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Maybe because the almonds are distilled and the distillation process breaks down the proteins you are allergic to
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