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Strange allergies in restaurants

I have had a very strange allergic reaction for the past year and it seems to be getting progressively worse. Almost every time I eat in a restaurant or the kitchen of some people, my nose itches like crazy and gets very stuffy. Sometimes, but not always, my eyes get watery as well. It never happens in my kitchen, and I noticed when I was in San Fransisco a few months ago it didn't seem to happen in restaurants there, or at least wasn't as intense. Any ideas what could be causing this kind of reaction?

Thank you!
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Is there something in SF that makes you feel better than other places?
Did you have a traumatic, stressful, or negative event in someone's kitchen or in a restaurant?
My feeling is that you're holding something energetically from a past experience, which gets triggered by certain activators, similar or the same as in the original experience.
Hmm, very interesting question!

Please let me know the answers to the above questions, oh and one more thing. Could you pay attention and find out exactly when you are getting a reaction? Being very observant will likely help find  the clues you need to solve this mystery!

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Thanks for your answer.

Although I love San Francisco, I feel the same there as most other places.

I don't know of any traumatic experiences in a restaurant or kitchen.

As for when the reaction begins, sometimes it can begin after only being in the environment for a few minutes, or sometimes it takes up to about 30 minutes. I've tried to pay attention to the types of food I eat or are on the table and it doesn't seem to matter what I or anyone around me is eating. It happens regardless of the type of restaurant or meal being prepared and served.
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Hi again dmkpr.

OK, the missing clue is not obvious and it could be hidden deeply in your subsonscious.
You will be amazed to find out what is held in the subconscious mind,
that influence our lives-often on an ongoing basis without resolve-that we are usually totally unaware of.
I practice Hypnotherapy among many other therapies and I could write a book or two on this matter.
Would you consider going to a Hypnotherapist for this?
You never know, you may uncover other things as well and by clearing them, you may improve in other areas of your life.
Plus you will learn how to do self-hypnosis, a valueable  tool to  help you address  physical, emotional & mental issues at any time!


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