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High cortisol levels and qi deficiency

I started seeing a naturopath that is helping me with my symptoms of fatigue/low energy, brain fog, insomnia and acid reflux. I did a saliva test which showed that my cortisol levels are pretty high, and I'm now taking supplements for adrenal support. I had 3 acupuncture sessions, and I've seen some improvement. The naturopath also said that I have a spleen and kidney qi deficiency. Is this type of qi deficiency common? How long can it take to bring cortisol levels back down to normal range?
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Qi is a concept from Chinese medicine, and perhaps they got it from the Indian concept of prana.  But you can't see it -- it's more of a description before we had the ability to see what we can see now with modern technology, and you can't see it.  You can see energy fields, as the body clearly communicates by using energy, but you can't see qi.  So think of it more as a concept used to describe the lack of proper flow to and from a particular area of your body, or improper communication.  So to ask if this deficiency is common is impossible to answer, as again, we can't objectively measure anyone's qi.  What you look at are the results of Chinese medicine and how has it done over time?  Again, hard to measure objectively, but it's hard to believe it would still be around if people with the same brains as we have didn't think it was helping.  Kidney qi is commonly associated with fear and anxiety in Chinese medicine and spleen with strength and weakness in certain areas.  So the better question to ask is, over time, is whether the treatment you're doing is working.  If so, keep going; if not, try a different approach, something the naturopath probably will do.  I would venture that your acid reflux isn't related to the other things -- it's more likely dietary in nature.  The rest could be caused by a host of things, including a thyroid problem, so I hope you're also getting that tested.  Good luck, and remember, if you want to do natural medicine, it does take time and discipline.  
Thank you! My thyroid levels were in normal range. I think the acid reflux is probably due to stress or my cortisol levels. The naturopath did say that the healing time can vary with each person.
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