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Psoriasis treatments

The medication that the doctor gave DH has made his ( then dime size ) spot of psoriasis larger than a dollar bill.
He's tried 3 Rx creams, and each one made it bigger and worse. I found some really good stuff at the health food store, ( sorry can't remember the name, and he's out of town ) that has taken away the itch for him, but the plaque build up is now an inch thick. He's terrified to bathe because when the plaque falls off the pain is unbearable. Wearing a tool belt every day doesn't help matters either. The spot is in his groin area. OUCH!!

I've read that UVB lights can help, but we aren't rich. Wondering if a smaller light ( available at pet stores for lizards ) might be of help? Are there any vitamins he could take to help?
My acupuncturist said that he may be able to help, but again, we aren't rich. No coverage.
I told him that spicy foods and beer only make it worse,( but being an alcoholic and spice lover ) he doesn't believe me.
How unfortunate for him.

Anyway...any ideas and tips are much appreciated.
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Turns out it wasn't psoriasis after all...it's cancer! Squamous cell carcinoma.
The dermatologist that I dragged him into see couldn't believe that the doctor thought that it was psoriasis. She said that any *bleep* could see that!
She was quite angry that he misdiagnosed him, and said that the guy must have fallen asleep during the derma section of his course. How sad.

So now he's undergoing many tests to see how deep it is, etc.

Thanks for all the info, and if any of us ever DOES develop psoriasis, I'm sure the info you have all provided will be of great assistance. Thank you all so much for your posts!
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"Maintaining order instead of correcting disorder is the ultimate principle of wisdom. To cure disease after it has appeared, is like digging a well, when someone feels thirsty, or forging weapons when the war has already began"
---Nei Jing  2nd Century BC

From what you're saying, your hubby has a more serious underlying issue
much deeper than this one, which by the way is just a symptom of his
primary condition.
Unfortunately you as a co-dependent, are suffering some serious issues of your own and likely on your own.
Seek some help for yourself and I don't mean the dermatologist, who is fine
for what he or she does, but will never reach the deeper level needed for true healing.

If you are open to explore this further, send me a pm.

Take care.
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Hubby would rather die a thousand deaths than to give up potatoes, tomatoes, and peppers! Or beer...which I heard doesn't help any either.
He tried for 3 days to go without any of the above...but I told him that it would take weeks, not hours, to notice a difference.

I have a dermatologist appt for the 15th ( due to my sudden hair loss ) so I'm going to drag him along to see what she has to say about it. I hope I can convince her to take a look at him.
Not sure if it's psoriasis or not...he's seen two different doctors and been given three different creams. None worked ( except to make it worse ), and neither of the doctors would send him to see a dermatologist...and around this country you can't see ANYONE unless your doctor refers you.

I'll start spiking his beer with fish oils, and see how that goes.
I got him to try an old cure, but it burned too badly. ( the urinating on it in the shower thing ).
I know other people who tried that and had great success with it.
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Hey tschock.

Ouch! Poor guy. Is it definitely Psoriasis?

Pm me for A LOT of specific information on this subject.
Links, research (including my own TNFa all natural inhibitor - TNFa is at the root of this condition).

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Are you sure it's psoriasis?  That's an autoimmune disorder, so it's not like other skin ailments.  Usually the groin area is a fungal infection, but what you describe certainly doesn't sound fungal.  Because the root of psoriasis is the body fighting itself, treating it in a natural way is more complicated.  There are topical creams and such, but there are so many it's a lot of trial and error, but to get to the root of this ailment you might want to see a naturopath or practitioner of integrated medicine who can deal with the immune system part of it so it doesn't just keep coming back as soon as you treat it topically.
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Eczema, and even psoriasis often improve when you increase your omega-3 fats.
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I've read many psoriasis suffers who no longer suffer the condition after cutting out nightshades in their diet. Worth trying out.

Edible nightshades include:

Potatoes (not sweet potatoes or yams)
All peppers (not peppercorn), including hot peppers, chili peppers, sweet peppers and paprika
Gogi berries
Cape gooseberries (not normal gooseberries)
Ground cherries
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