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Is this ALS/MND?

Quite the month in a half full of symptoms and sensations .....

Chiro in November post chiro felt tingly in left testi but it was intermitted and at times would feel pins and needles sensation all throughout the body with hot flash

Middle of Jan head got off the couch closing of vision did not pass out but had extreme numbness in left leg...
got checked out EKG, blood work,  and echo of heart all normal...

Follow up with primary now have upper neck pain and serious headaches with sensitivity to light and loud noises making my headaches even worse...this lead neurologist to get head and neck mri which came back clear and since then headaches have gone away.....

Few weeks go by still feeling in weird funk of brain fog and different sensations everyday on my phone looking stuff up trying to diagnose with Dr. Google....

I then started to notice tightness in right two fingers pinky and ring.. this then started to be tightness in my right forearm....then the leg tiredness started and tightness in both calves  for two weeks which has now gone away...

No trips or falls but right forearm feels strained easily, running on shortness of breath more when working out but dont have problem any other time...

Sent to mayo clinic where I got mri of the rest of my spine which showed a few disc areas but nothing major, as well as EMG of right leg and arm which did not show anything...2 weeks of a very cold right hand and another emg (clean) with no answers? no trips or falls or problems with speech occasional dry mouth

Was the EMG too early? do I have to let symptoms progress more? Any ideas are helpful
and does this progress this quickly to feel all that and multiple doctors have no answers?

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