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could this possibly be als

Hi everyone i am a 42 year old male who started with muscle twitching in my feet and legs in May 2019 I had emg done on my legs in June 2019 and another in Oct  2019 which only showed fasciculations in my calves no positive sharp waves or fibrillations. Then I started getting twitches in my arms hands in between thumb and forefinger and along pinky side of both hands and whole upper body, back, abdomen, and some in chest and eyelids mostly left side. I went back to my nuero in Jan 2019 and he did emg on my arms and muscle between my thumb and forefinger and everything was normal I do have weakness and my shoulders will pop a lot when I use them but I forgot to mention I do have c5 c6 bulging disc. I have had all kind of blood work done everything was within normal range. I also get cramps in my upper abdomen and forearms and legs. My nuero diagnosed me with bfs but I was wondering if after a year of symptoms if this was als would it be obvious or could i be a slow progressor that has not shown any signs clinically yet?
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