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Can a disease with symptoms similar to Anal fissures cause CANCER?

Can a disease with symptoms similar to Anal fissures cause CANCER?
I get severe and itching pain in my anal region . Doctor has diagonised this as anal fissure .
It started when I got typhoid and took strong medicines for typhoid . It's been two years since the pain is there .  
It increases when i have constipation  . I cannot sit for long times and  in hot and humid weather the pain increases .
Earlier the pain used to be there for whole day ,  but now the duration has decreased .
I generally have hard stools and the pain starts just after defecation  .
I have undergone 2-3 different treatments (ayurvedic and allopathic )and completed their course  but the relief was only temporary .
Now the problem has become chronic and does not go even after taking high fibrous food and I am taking other precautions as well .

Are there diseases with similar symptoms like this which can lead to cancer and should I go for furthur methods of diagnosis . So far only visual diagnosis was done .  
Are there ways to make sure that the problem is only fissures or some other diseases with similar symptoms . ?
Could these chronic fissure pain lead to ulcer ?
Could it even develop to cancer ?

What are the symptoms of developing into ulcer or cancer ?
what should I do  in that case ?  Should I go for an operation to remove the fissures ?
Are there any side effects of operation ??
Can it Re-occur ?  How dangerous is this disease ?
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Go for it....nothing to lose and everything to gain:)
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Thanks a lot... Im thinking of going in for further diagnosis...

Best of luck to you too..Take care :-)
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I cannot answer all your questions.  As a survivor of anal cancer, I can answer the one that appears to be the most frightening.

Anal cancer is basically a skin cancer.  Generally caused by HPV...a virus that is sexually transmitted.  Now...it is may be possible to get this cancer in some other way...but if you are young, consider getting the vaccine to protect you from the virus.
The primary symptom of anal cancer is bleeding....not pain.  It is a very aggressive cancer, so if your doctor thought there was the slightest chance you had it, he/she would do a biopsy.  HPV can be detected by doctors as well so patients know their status.

Fissures are very painful, as you know.  I am sorry you are troubled by them.  As far as I know, anal cancer is not caused by fissures.

Best luck controlling constipation and fissures.
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