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Anal Cancer Community

Is it anal fissure or fissure!! I noticed that there is a longitudinal line between the two segments of the buttocks, like a wound, its ...
My partner has a genetic condition called Epidermodysplasia verruciformis. She has previously had sqarsquamous cell carcinoma on her face...
I had a colonoscopy and a following tansanal excision surgery to remove an anal mass, just now I received the bioposy results from lab, w...
I'm 35 years old male, I just had my colonoscopy done today, after I had 2 bleedings and found irregular stool caliber/shape also more fr...
Several fluid density lesions are noted about the left kidney, indicative of simple cysts. However, there is a complex lesion located wit...
Hello. I am 46yr old male. About 8 years ago I felt like I had a bit of a small growth around anus. Felt like a bit of grit. Went to docs...
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