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Allergy to SSRI and SNRI Help

I discovered that my red dot like rash was due to medication. The only medication I was taking was Zoloft (which I loved). I was switched to Cymbalta (which I loved too) but developed the same rash.  My doctor put me on Wellbutrin which just isn't enough for me. It does not give me the rash.  She added Effexor recently and my rash returned. She wants me to see a psychiatrist for medication help but so far none I have contacted have any appointments available.  My question is, is there anyone out there that has had this reaction to SSRI's or SNRI's and what did your doctor do? Or can you tell me who I should ask?
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Did you ever get this figured out? I just stopped taking 100mg zoloft because ever since I started ive had hives type of rash all over my face which just worsened my condition but its been a week and the rash is still here....
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No, not really. The doctor said I just had a rare reaction to the drug. I also had a rare reaction to cymbalta and Effexor. I did Gene site testing and it told me Pristiq was the only pill that would work well for me so I’m taking that now. They also have me on BuSpar and believe that the BuSpar is giving me the rash they just told me to take an allergy pill. Had I known that I never would’ve complained about the rash, and been happier on Zoloft. But I never had the rash on my neck or face. Good luck. It took me about six weeks for any of the anti-depressants to get out of my system. It may take you that long as well.
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