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I have been given 0.5 mgs of alprazolam once a day & I'm so tired that I can hardly function. I had a bad feeling about this drug, looked...
Everyday for the past week ive been dealing with derealization...It started out subtle and now I feel like im high and unaware of my sorr...
Ok, so when you look at the title, It can be a LITTLE silly... but.. At night, when I am about to sleep, it feels as though someone...
Hello everyone, hopefully you can do your best on helping with this. I have had Obsessive Compulsive Disorder ever since I was 16 years ...
Does anybody else who suffers from health anxiety find themselves breathing manualy from time to time? Sometimes i just can`t catch my br...
Hi all, for some years now i experience shortness of breath that happens when standing or walking. This has gotten worse overtime and i a...
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