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Does anybody else who suffers from health anxiety find themselves breathing manualy from time to time? Sometimes i just can`t catch my br...
Hello, I'm new to this so I'm just hoping to provide the best info so I can get some answers. I am a 13 year old girl who has always b...
so let me be the first to say hello. i am new to this community but glad to have found it. 37 year old female here with some anxiety a...
Everyday for the past week ive been dealing with derealization...It started out subtle and now I feel like im high and unaware of my sorr...
hi guys :) such a relief tht i found this forum!! about 2 years ago i had my first panic attack, called an ambulance out and everyt...
I started Cymbalta over six weeks ago. Switched from Celexa which was maxed out. Everything went super smooth. No digestive problems at a...
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