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Recently I’ve had a lot of difficulty breathing in and out and experience a lot of chest pain when doing so. This has affected my sleepin...
I am 16 and I smoked weed with one of my friends mind you I dont really smoke weed. I felt like the room was spinning and I got tunnel vi...
I'm 14 years old and I have these periods where my brain starts to race and it feels like everything is going in fast motion. When I talk...
3 months ago I had a panic attack out of the blue that landed me in the ER. Aside from low blood potassium, everything was normal. Ever s...
Hi I have been for past few years suffering from thinking i am going to get a major disease ( like cancer , etc). Even if get a small mou...
Is hard for me when I get anxious around people any tips on how to control it when I’m with other people. Whithout anyone noticing?
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