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What are possible causes for a burning sensation on top of my head? Had blood work and 3 mris (brain, neck and lower back). Everything ...
I haven’t done anything fun for almost four years. My anxiety keeps me in my house. 10+ years on these meds, and the only thing that help...
I just called my incompedent doctors office to have the nurse contact me regarding my script in January for my xanax's that i had to TAKE...
I've been on benzodiazepines for years now. I started on Ativan when I was younger then when I got older I was on Xanax for a few years, ...
I have panic disorder with General anxiety. I had taken mirtazapine 45mg and I think 60mg at one point over 10 years. Due to a big re...
My doctor prescribed me a “less” addictive medicine which was buspirone. It was awful, I’ve tried it for several weeks, I couldn’t sleep ...
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