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I should mention this event happened 6 months ago and I worry about lasting effects My mother's family own a farm and my uncle decided t...
Occasionally when I’m very stressed I’ll get the sensation that I’ve forgotten how to swallow, usually just with liquid, I take a sip and...
Hey guys, hate that I’m back here. Hate that I even have to question this. I feel so silly and slightly stupid for asking. But here it go...
Does anyone else have gagging problems due to their anxiety? It affects me in so many different ways (can't eat sometimes, avoid going o...
Please can someone help? I’m 17 and I’m starting to feel like I am a paedophile because it feels as though I want to touch kids in places...
Hello, I was told to post here about my anxiety. I can't stop worrying no matter what, and its affecting my physical health. A few days a...
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