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Red face

I'm 17 years old, and I have never really had a problem with socializing, it's been more of my blushing. I don't feel like I am, I'm not embarrassed or anxious about anything, I'm always red to some extent. People occasionally say 'why are your cheeks red,' and I just say that I'm hot, but I don't know why I'm always red. I've been quite self-conscious about it recently.
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I used to get beet red sometimes in the face when I was your age.  So I wonder if it's more likely to happen at that age.  But even lean into it.  It can look healthy.  It's also normal.  Someone told me that you're better looking than you think.  Usually at those ages people are self conscious and pick themselves apart, but then years later you look back at a photo or video of yourself and you think wow I was actually much better looking than I realized.  So just something to keep in mind.  Red on the face isn't going to change your natural looks.  It could even look charming or cute.  Maybe having a bit of that approach, so getting your mind off it, it might even happen less.  
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I really appreciate that. I try to not think about it, but when people comment on it, it gets hard to not think about the color of my face. I'm used to blushing at blushing sports and the heat, but I'm not a fan of having always red cheeks.
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Stay hydrated. Keep cool or cold water with you. https://www.healthline.com/health/how-to-stop-blushing#how-to-stop
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Is your worry that others kind of have a window into your soul because you blush? I can understand that aspect of it. It tells people you are feeling something that maybe you really don't want them to know. Believe it or not, there is a condition that involves this involuntary blushing, flushing that is more than what all of us do. Social phobia and anxiety certainly are going to make you more prone to blushing. CBT therapy can really help work through the mental health piece of this. Therapy can be a great thing. Here's info on when this becomes a disorder. When it greatly impacts you is the usual crossing point to that. https://www.healthline.com/health/idiopathic-craniofacial-erythema
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