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Sigh & yawn often

Hello everyone. For some months i have  some weird symptoms like i have to take deep breathes after two normal ones and after that i start to yawn a lot and also very deep , sometimes i can not take it to the end. Last year in November i went to doc, blood tests ok, the x ray for lungs ok, EKG and cardiac ecography also ok, spirometry in parameters, the doc said is anxiety but i am not feeling ok..even when i am not anxious i can feel these symptoms. Could be the nose? I often have stuffy nose. But i should not  breathe better through my mouth?  i can not feel any improvement when i breathe through my nose or my mouth ..this ruins me and I am afraid to do a lot of activities.. anyone who can help with any advise or passed through the same situation. Thanks a lot
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Hi there. That's perplexing. Sorry it is happening.  I'm glad you went to the doctor for it though and they examined you.  I see you ruled some things out.  Here's an article on excessive yawning.  https://www.healthline.com/health/yawning-excessive#causes  It can be a cause of an underlying medical condition which is why they did those tests. I think the big tip off if it is anxiety is if you are fully engaged in doing something, does this still happen? I mean fully engaged.  Does that make sense?
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It doesn t happen when i am fully engaged because I am not focus on my breathe..and then I suddenly realise that i have to sigh or yawn and I get Back from where I started
So, that does indicate that it is related to anxiety.  If it were a medical issue, it would most likely happen regardless of what you are doing.  Would seeing a therapist be acceptable to you?
Thanks for your reply. Maybe i need to see a therapist.

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