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Anxiety Causing Health Havoc?

Ever since I was diagnosed with a URI and been placed on different meds which I'm now off of, I've felt like I just came out of a bad car wreck.
Acid reflux is always bad. Just walking is hard as I feel like my heart is going to give out from weird, strong, painful heart palpitations. I feel like my balance is off like I'm going to fall over. I notice my breathing is hard to. Sleeping is the worst.
I have a hard time falling asleep and get woken up easily. Loud sounds scare me up and my heart is pounding and chest is sore always. Exercise is not a thing anymore. I can't function anymore. Feel like I'm bed ridden. My doctors think I'm crazy and keep reassuring me that I'm okay that all the tests I've done this past year prove I'm okay.
Feel like giving up at this point.
Out of ideas on what else to do. :(
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Were you an anxiety sufferer before this infection?  What did you take for it?  Did the infection cause you to panic?  Were you on antibiotics for any length of time, or steroidal medications, both of which can cause anxiety and disease by adversely affecting organisms that make up your immune system?  
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Yes I have been for 10 years. But before this all started it was under control. I've been off zoloft for a year.
Yes it did. I thought I was better or good enough to shoot some hoops. Then heart kept palpitating. Was on zpack for 5 days then few days was put on prednisone for 5 days.
Heart palpitations happen all day. Hard for me to leave house.
Was the Zoloft working?  What have you tried since?  The Z pak and the prednisone might have sent your anxiety to new levels.  It's very hard to say what's going on, but if you had an anxiety problem for 10 years even if all this health stuff did something to make that worse physiologically, if docs can't find anything wrong you're still left with psychology and psychiatry to try to fight the mental stuff.  You had that before and it's way worse now.  You say you're having heart palpitations, but if that were actually happening your docs wouldn't be saying you're ok, they'd have sent you to a heart specialist and you'd be under treatment for it.  Many anxiety sufferers with bad problems think they're having heart palps but actually aren't, it just feels like they are.  Again, if you're actually having them so severely that you can't exercise, that would show with a holter or a stress test, and I'm guessing you've had those tests.  If it isn't showing, what you're having isn't that.  It may feel like that but it isn't that.  Now, I don't know what tests you've had or how deep you've gone into seeing specialists -- such as going to a place like the Mayo Clinic or Johns Hopkins to go as deep as you can.  But I'm guessing you've been given tests that would show heart palps that were that severe.  As for what the infection did and perhaps it being over-treated to your detriment, the way back from that is to replenish your beneficial organisms, your immune system, and your adrenals.  Docs can't do that, that is done by practitioners of natural medicine.  It would involve big changes in your life, altering your diet, doing meditation, using pre and pro biotics and the like to try to get your body back into some kind of natural balance again, assuming it was put out of balance and I have no way of knowing if it was or if it wasn't.  The hardest thing to do for us anxiety sufferers and depression sufferers is to alter our lives when it hurts to do so.  I stink at it.  But if you can do that, and if you're young enough, your brain can rewire itself.  Doesn't mean it will, but it can.  You say exercise is out of the question, but is it really?  Or is it just really hard for you to do it?  That's a physiological question and a mental question.  Cognitive therapy, for example, eventually forces an anxiety sufferer to face the things they're terrified of doing.  Most can't do it.  Those who can get better over time.  That's just an example.  Some of us don't have it in us.  Some of us do.  You don't know which you are until you've tried a few times.  Just some thoughts, because I can't know what's actually going on.  I wish CBT had worked for me.  I'm here hoping others can get better success than I did, because at some point if we truly want to overcome the meds have to be ditched for a cure.  But if a cure isn't possible and your body can tolerate taking meds and quitting them, then they can give you a life where otherwise you're just stuck.  Again, just thoughts.
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