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Can anxiety go away?

When I was 14 years old i had my first panic attack and they continued to occur about 3 times a year for the next 3 years. I am now 20 and do not suffer any panic attacks. I really feel that I have my anxiety and depression in control. I was diagnosed with GAD but have never had therapy or medication. I have changed my lifestyle and am feeling much better. Of course I have occasional stress like everyone else, life isn't stress-free. Is it possible that my anxiety has gone away? Can it come back? Any natural things I can do or take to prevent it coming back?
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What wonderful news! :-)  Anything is possible, Sam.  You may never have a panic attack again.  It is possible for it to return under very stressful situations (job loss, divorce, death in family, etc).  You may want to keep a list of 'coping with stress skills'  handy.  If you have never done one of these, here's how.  Get a pen and paper.  Write a list of your stressors (and even possible ones that could happen in the future) down the left side of the page.  Down the middle, write why you find these things stressful.  Down the right, write positive ways to handle these stressors.  Keep the list where you can find it easily for future reference.  You can also keep a list of relaxation techniques along with your coping list.  Some of these techniques would be:  concentrated breathing (in thru the nose, out thru the mouth, for a count of ten, ten times.), meditation or prayer, excersize, music you like, a warm shower or bath, the list goes on and I'm sure you can come up with more on your own.  You need choices for relaxation since you never know what will work best for you at any given particular time.  I do not recommend taking any unecessary medications, even herbal ones.  I do recommend a healthy diet (healthy food is good for your brain chemistry), and balance in your life style.  By that I mean, don't do too much or too little of any one thing in a day.  Develop, if you haven't already, a stable daily routine that isn't too strict.  You require freedom of movement in your schedule, as well as just having the schedule.  People with anxiety find comfort on routine, which is the reason for stability.  I hope I have been of some help.  Blessings - Blu
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Thank you Blue. I just worry because it runs in the family my grandfather had a mental break down and takes meds. Just to function and sleep. My mother used to take antidepressants but has been without them for 12 years. ( She started after my brother passed away, he had cancer at 9yrs old). My aunts both take antidepressants as well. It just seems to plague the family. I just hope I can keep my mind healthy I don't want to be hindered by this disease.
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If you're doing fine, then you have no reason to take anything at the moment, but pick up a book called Natural Highs by Hyla Cass, a psychiatrist at UCLA.  It's a good primer on the more commonly used natural remedies for depression and anxiety.  It's also good to read up on natural medicine in general -- it's amazing what some have achieved through diet, exercise, relaxation techniques, meditation, and the like.  And family isn't destiny -- who knows what they went through and what they learned by watching one another go through it?  You're the only you, and you'll never be them.  An example:  both my sister and I suffered agoraphobia.  My never got as bad as hers, but hers got better and mine never did.  My brother, on the other hand, never got it at all.  So predicting things based on family ties just doesn't get you anywhere -- statistics are generalizations that are useful for data collection, but never can tell you what will happen in a specific case.
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Sometimes keeping an eagle eye on anxiety is anxiety itself but in a controlled form.  What most of us hate the  most is being blindsided
by anxiety, having it sneak up on us and pouncing while we are
looking elsewhere or just living our lives.

Paxileds reply is excellent concerning family, genetics and history.
And even if there is a family connective link to a disease or condition,
sweeping the sky every 5 minutes looking for the clouds to gather
is anxiety producing itself.

I will be looking for the book Natural Highs for myself.

Good luck to you.

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Yes.----to can it go away.
And Yes to each comment and such wonderful advice for us all.
And Yes There should be a class teaching these skills at all levels.
A very powerful message to the unconscious is to chant----every day--
Yes! Yes! Yes!
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Thanks everyone. I appreciate all the advice.
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