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Fast forward sensation

I am 13 and I occasionally get these episodes where the world around me seems to become faster and all the movements I make seem faster too. Also voices or regular sounds seem anxious and sometimes calm voices sound like urgent shouting. I was curious and decided to try and find out what it is. I found two possible diagnosis but each contained features which I don't experience. The first I came across was called Alice In Wonderland Syndrome. This is were regular objects seem bigger or smaller (I don't experience this). And time seems sped up. The second diagnosis I found is called Racing Thoughts. This is where the world speeds up and you hear rushed voices and music in your head and find it difficult to concentrate, yet it only get the rushed voices and hard to concentrate. Also you experience noises in your head when trying to go to sleep. I don't hear music or noises when I'm in bed. I'm not particularly concerned and it doesn't really bother me but I am just curious about what it is. Please could someone let me know if it's one of those diagnosis or something completely different, thanks a lot.
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Stop Googling symptoms, your life will be a whole lot less stressful.  Life is just odd sometimes.  If you're feeling good and life is going well, don't look for trouble, because on Google everything looks like catastrophe if you don't already have a diagnosis from a medical professional.
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Omg I have those exact same symptoms. I’ve been researching loads and it’s old the fact no one knows what it is and when you tell doctors they think you’re going mad but you aren’t of course. I know exactly what you’re going through- I get voices and everything around me speeds up. I’m studying biology at college and I plan on doing it at university and I’m going to look into it because it’s very odd and people need to know how to deal with it because I know some people get anxious and frightened about it as it just comes out of nowhere and you cannot do control it.
Also do not worry about it, if it comes when you’re trying to go to bed. Get up and going and speak to someone as communicating with someone helps and it will stop. If not just walk around a bit and speak out loud- this fast forward sensation usually happens when you’re quiet and not doing much.
If you're interested, I think there are a few long threads on here of people complaining of this phenomenon.
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