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Fear of Falling Asleep

I become so frightened during the period of time where I try to fall asleep that I simply do not do it. I find myself finding excuses to stay awake. It's not the sleep itself that scares me, it's the part where I lay in the dark and the silence. I'm afraid of all kinds of crazy things that don't bother me when I am not trying to sleep. I can't keep anything that is bothering me, any kinds of irrational fears, or any unusual superstitions out of my head. It has caused me to be constantly exhausted. I don't know what to do.
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I get that too!! Even thinking about sleep feels me with fear n worry n hate, I hate sleeping. Its 7am n its my third night up ,as soon as it turns light outside tho im able to sleep, wish I could help u can some msg me back too hahah
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I think that you aren't alone for sure in the anxiety around sleep. We know we need it. We know it will be hard if we don't get it. Then the anxiety impedes it. Have you ever used melatonin? I also suffered insomnia that was terrible. When it got better from me, I took the power away. I realized that in reality, I WILL catch up on sleep. I'll have a few bad nights and then sack out hard. That makes me feel less worried when I'm not sleeping. That I WILL eventually.
not gonna lie i smoke weed now so that helps
scarlett11  Try a sleep app that has dozens of recordings of therapists telling you how to go to sleep. You get to select which one you want to listen to, and I often listen to the same recording for months.
Sometimes I fall asleep in the first few minutes but for that to work, I have to pay attention to what the speaker says. Other times I don't pay attention and keep wasting my time thinking about things for the whole 30 minute recording, but the good part is I just replay it and eventually it works.
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I agree with the others that therapy would be beneficial to you.  You can overcome anxiety but first you have to face it and deal with it.

You can also keep a journal.  Sometimes that is really helpful.  Write in it at night before you try and go to sleep.  You can also try some herbal tea or taking a hot bath.

These are all relaxing techinques but the only way to truly overcome it is to deal with it.  

I hope you feel better soon and can get some sleep.
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Anxiety can peak or manifest itself at different times and ways in my experience with it.  When I was going through it, I also had a hard time when the day would wind down and I was left alone with my thoughts.  There are various ways to approach your anxiety in my opinion, however one must confront it to deal with it.  By confronting it, you learn about it and in my opinion, it makes it much less scary and easier to deal with.  I believe we tend to to fear what we don't understand and anxiety is no different.

Do you have access to counseling?  For me, talking it over with someone, helped me to understand why I was thinking the way I did.  One on one counseling as well as group counseling can be extrememly beneficial in my opinion....keep us posted.
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sounds more like you have serious anxiety and while your trying to sleep and your mind in blank, all your anxieties start to chase you.  If its this bad that it is preventing you from sleeping, I would say it time to seek out a doctor or therapist.  Anti-anxiety medication is probably in order at lest for the short term so you can sleep.  Until then, maybe try some OTC sleeping aids like benadryl to help you fall asleep faster.
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