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Health anxiety

Hi doctor.
Don't know if I have anxiety I'll just tell you what I go through everyday. Since 6 years I have been stressed thinking I have been hiv positive even I thought I had protected sex but I have stressed around it because of dry skin on face and man boobs.recently I have developed acid reflux and lost 8-9 kgs in a month and have cough from one month. Got a CBC test done and result was normal and a hiv test done and result was non reactive and got a chest x-ray done and the result was normal. I dont know why but I doubt everything for example sometimes I doubt if my test is accurate or not. This happens everytime not only for this test its happening since years I doubt everything for example if I see something on the internet I feel like I have that symptoms. I almost doubt everything and over think about it. Even my grandmother has it habit. Any solution for this and is this anxiety? Thanks in advance
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First, to be clear, we don't answer hiv questions here so don't ask. We only talk about anxiety.  I think when you are faced with illogical thinking and an inability to move past something, that anxiety has impacted your daily functioning. If you spend all day or even an hour online researching or hanging on this site because you can't accept what people are saying (no risk, accurate test, move on, etc.) that you do really have a problem.  You need a therapist and possibly medication. Anxiety is treatable .The worst thing you can do is to continue to ask for reassurance. That keeps you stuck in anxiety. Instead, distract yourself or lean into the fear.  It's the only way to move on. Continuing to ruminate about it and ask and research, etc. just makes it worse. See a therapist as your best bet and talk to your doctor (NOT about hiv. About anxiety).
Thanks alot doctor would definitely consult a therapist this week. Just one last question does anxiety cause weight loss (around 8 kgs in a month), acid reflux , cough and indigestion? This would be last question here
Anxiety is best dealt with in a one on one setting - preferably with a therapist. You're best off to give up trying to self diagnose anxiety effects from a chat forum, and instead just see the therapist.
Okay thank you doctor
You might even get some partial success if you read a book on anxiety, because you might be able to identify with some of the situations it talks about.
Actually doctor I’m kind of relaxed right now but sometimes i worry about the weight loss(mostly muscle) acid reflux and bowel movements I’m worrying whether they are related to anxiety or not. Remaining time I’m keeping myself distracted and it’s working just wanted to know if the above mentioned are anxiety symptoms.
Anxiety is a complex psychological condition. So complex that some people have anxiety but don't realize it, while others who think they suffer from chronic anxiety only have temporary worries that may go away.
It can cause many  health issues, which in turn can increase anxiety, including health anxiety.
There are lots of other causes for the issues you list so you can't just guess diagnose that ANY health condition has been caused by anxiety. If you suspect you have medical conditions see a doctor for a diagnosis.
Okay doctor thank you
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