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I feel horrible all the time! Anxiety?

Hi Everyone-
I feel Im at my wits end.  I feel absolutley TERRIBLE at all times.  Its even hard to go to work now.  I do have high blood pressure for which I can take medicine and have for years. But for the past few months I have had ongoing stomach pain, constant dizziness,odd numb or pain sensations in my face and limbs, deeply painful shooting head pains, headaches, hot flashes -- and really the list contunies.  My husband has n idea how to deal with it and neither do I.  My Dr says there is nothing apparently wrong.  Ive had MRI's, CT scans, the whole bit.  COULD ALL THIS BE CAUSED BY ANXIETY??!  I dont take anything for anxiety but I am VERY anxious about feeling this way.  I am 43 yrs old really do feel like Im going to die.  Any advice or thoughts would be so valued.        
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It's horrible to feel this way, i get some of the same feelings.
I've been to 2 doctors and a couple nurses who have all said the same thing. Anxiety. The worst thing to do now is think what if its this, what if it's that. Try to relax, find something to take your mind off of it, i find that helps. If it was anything else im sure something would have come up on one of your scan's, dont worry i've had the exact same arguement with myself. Is it anxiety? is it something else? and so on, its very scary and frustrating
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The positives: you are getting to work with all the aggravating symptoms; you have had extensive tests which rule out serious organic problems; health care professionals feel you suffer from anxiety.....

Now what?  Are you willing to accept that anxiety is the core problem?

You can move past this period and feel better.  The only advice I will give is to make an appointment with a psychiatrist.  Most have therapists in their offices. You are in charge.  No need to feel as you do now.
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