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Is it just me?

I'm very quick to tense up, sweat, have a racing heart and mind, and even shake if put in a stressful situation. Traffic, customer confrontation, etc. I love to speak in front of people but I must always have everything that I want to say clearly written out. Otherwise the above happens. It's even worst with musical performance. I try to play an instrument but when even in a rehearsal with others by brain goes into overdrive and the same problems occur. I've pretty much given up the musical part because I didn't like taking a beta blocker to "stay calm" or other drug ideas from my MD. I've fought with this for years (I'm 50) and don't like the idea of giving up. Suggestions???
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i kinda have the same symptoms as you above the tensing and heart thing
i dont have enough exp to give you a good reply only joined here myself ,but i just wanted to say dont give up your music to play an instrument is a talent ,and talents are gifts,did the beta blocker help any bit
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Thanks! The beta blocker, in what I would think to be a mega dose (160 - 180 mg), helped but not completely.
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